Quicksand: Because Sometimes You Just Need to Share Your Story

So now, we are lost,wet, full of sand, covered in bruises, sunburnt and exhausted. Yet, here we are, our crazy selves having the time of our lives. We had no idea where we were going or how to get there. We slipped off of boards into the water, cut our legs on grass, and peed our pants several times laughing but hey, the creek washed that away. It was a long, hard journey but we were determined to keep going, not knowing all the while it was the wrong way, we had been lied to…

What would life be like if we laughed in the face of all of our problems? What if we continued to have joy and continued to work hard, despite our circumstances? What would it be like if we didn’t give up every time something didn’t go our way? What if we realised that none of us that are able to read these words have anything to complain about in comparison to those living in hunger, slavery, imprisonment? … More Quicksand: Because Sometimes You Just Need to Share Your Story

I Just Can’t Wait! No, Really! I can’t do it Anymore!

Yes, it hurts! Yes the pain is intense! Yes we can cry, even kick scream and question God! But in the hurt, we must cry out to God and listen for His voice. He may not be telling us how things will end or what choices to make because for now, we are just to wait, watch and wonder, and rely on Him. We need to trust Him! Seek Him! Praise Him and cry out to Him! We need to accept that we are loved, cherished and adored! We are not alone and we are not letting God down! … More I Just Can’t Wait! No, Really! I can’t do it Anymore!

Why Me???

“… God does not intend to defeat us by the trials that come our way. As we trust God, they can be our greatest opportunity of spiritual growth. May we trust God this week with whatever comes our way!” … More Why Me???


Over the last several months, I’ve been struggling with separation, bleak looking finances to the point where I lost my electric, water and car, and moving out of my dream home. Despite the fact that I have always known that God had greater plans for me; I still struggled with leaving mine behind. Over and … More Shattered!

Holding on to Guilt? Let it Go!

Get on your knees and ask God to help you forgive yourself. Learn to live free from your past sins. Be the beautiful creation He made you. He is calling you to bless someone else’s life and you can’t do that if you are still holding onto the past, if you are pushing people away because you don’t think you are good enough. None of us are good enough on our own. We just have to keep asking God to intercede for us so that we don’t continue to make more mistakes.

God wants all of us to enjoy life and to be happy and that means YOU too. Yes, YOU the one who is saying but I’m too bad, I’m too sinful, I’m too this or that. No, you are not. God had me write this just for YOU. Yes, YOU. Don’t look around. You know who you are. YOU are God’s beautiful creation and you can never mar that, thanks to His grace and the blood shed by Christ. … More Holding on to Guilt? Let it Go!

Thy Will be Done…(What You Want Done, May it be done…)

Sure, not one of us is going to say, I don’t want God’s will for my life but, are we really asking God to make our will match His or are we asking God to make His will match ours? Do any of us truly and deeply believe that God has our best interests at heart? Do we believe all that happens is for our good, even if it involves suffering? If you still say yes, you might need to think a little deeper. … More Thy Will be Done…(What You Want Done, May it be done…)

A Message of Hope.

Here is the main point: We have a High Priest who sat down in the place of honor beside the throne of the majestic God in heaven. 2 There he ministers in the heavenly Tabernacle,[a] the true place of worship that was built by the Lord and not by human hands. Hebrews 8:1 During the Christmas … More A Message of Hope.