Over the last several months, I’ve been struggling with separation, bleak looking finances to the point where I lost my electric, water and car, and moving out of my dream home. Despite the fact that I have always known that God had greater plans for me; I still struggled with leaving mine behind. Over and … More Shattered!

Holding on to Guilt? Let it Go!

Get on your knees and ask God to help you forgive yourself. Learn to live free from your past sins. Be the beautiful creation He made you. He is calling you to bless someone else’s life and you can’t do that if you are still holding onto the past, if you are pushing people away because you don’t think you are good enough. None of us are good enough on our own. We just have to keep asking God to intercede for us so that we don’t continue to make more mistakes.

God wants all of us to enjoy life and to be happy and that means YOU too. Yes, YOU the one who is saying but I’m too bad, I’m too sinful, I’m too this or that. No, you are not. God had me write this just for YOU. Yes, YOU. Don’t look around. You know who you are. YOU are God’s beautiful creation and you can never mar that, thanks to His grace and the blood shed by Christ. … More Holding on to Guilt? Let it Go!

Semicolon; A Pause but Not the End.

Often, God causes us to pause in order to teach us something or to redirect our paths. What we see as lost opportunities or grief are simply a means of pointing us in a better direction. “Lost opportunities” always result in something much more amazing and substantial. We can’t see these opportunities when we are so busy mourning what is lost and stuffing the empty holes in our hearts with things we think will make us feel better. … More Semicolon; A Pause but Not the End.


A running theme seems to be feeling unloved and unworthy. Remember this, Jesus’ most trusted disciples were murderers and thieves. Are you less worthy than that? They denied him, fell asleep praying and almost always got something wrong. Do you feel like they arent worthy? … More Unworthy.

A City Planned and Built By God.

This past August I almost reached the milestone of 15 years of marriage, well on my way to my dream of reaching 40 years. Holding tightly to this dream, I still sometimes wonder how it could be, that God’s plan for my life would not include making it to my 16th year of marriage. Ask anyone and they will tell you, “God hates divorce.” They will tell you how leaving a marriage due to adultery is allowed but highly frowned upon. They will tell you that if you pray hard enough and wait for God to work, that the heart of your husband will be changed and your marriage will be restored. How is it then, that God would not do this very thing for me? Is it something I did wrong? Am I paying for my sins? Maybe there is something wrong with me that my husband just can’t love me? Whatever it is, it just can’t be in the plans of God. Can it? After much prayer and deliberation, it would seem that this would in fact be my future. … More A City Planned and Built By God.

A Week to Wallow.

As I look back at this past week, I realize I have done a lot of wallowing. Can I justify the reasons? sure! Did my friends sympathize and tell me to give myself some grace? Absolutely! Has God given me His grace? I am completely convinced! Here’s the thing, God has given me way more than His grace this week! But before I get into that, let me take you through just a few of the highlights of my week. I am betting you have experienced a few of these. … More A Week to Wallow.