Quick Thoughts

How and When?

It is so true that God will in fact teach you how to love him and how to trust him if you ask. It is also true that when you ask, you need to be prepared for the methods with which he will teach you! I have learned that God’s most precious blessings do NOT come easily. God places us in the situation that we need Him and can rely only on Him and in that desperation we reach out to Him and receive true blessings.

I recently sought out how to truly trust God, and boy did He teach me! And as tough as that season was, I would never be surviving the one I am going through now if He hadn’t taught me just in time!

It is so easy to focus on the loss and failure and disappointment that we don’t often see the blessings at the end. Blessings such as deeper faith, trust and love for God!

Lord Prepare Me!

Lord prepare me (just as you have been) to be a sanctuary ( a place of dwelling where you will always remain!)

Pure and Holy (not in my own right, but covered in your grace).

Tried and True (oh, that I would remain that way!)

With Thanksgiving (and not the usual grumbling that I do)

I’ll be a living sanctuary (place of dwelling) for you!

Oh, that this would be my constant prayer and focus, that one day, not by my own doing, but by the grace of God may He one day say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

Oh, that I would serve Him with a faithful heart not only when I’ve no choice but to depend on him but, even when I think I am doing just fine on my own!

– The Lord has chosen You to be his temple -as a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit.

Be Strong and do the work.

I Chronicles 28:10

Checks and Balances.

The inner struggle between heart and mind is like no other. It is similar to the so called checks and balances of the government. God is the president and like the government we can’t always hear Him. Unlike the government His way is always perfect. So, why can’t we listen, even when we want to? I suppose it is all the clutter we place in the way and the lack of taking the time to really sit down and listen. He doesn’t walk among us like in the Old Testament but instead speaks to us from within. So, while the heart and mind speak loudly and freely, the soul is struggling to be heard. This is where I find myself on my next journey through life. How can we truly hear God and know His ways? While my brain could recite an answer and I’m sure my soul knows it well, it is the heart that often just cannot keep up. If only I could hear easily and not be quite so thick headed. If only I could trust completely! If only I could follow blindly!

Shattered Glass.

Shattered glass has become a quite common theme in my life recently. A vast number of emotions are now triggered by the sound of shattering glass. It will forever be a reminder of a very difficult period of life. It also marks the beginning of a new era and a time of healing. So,although the pain is often deep and the number of pieces leaves the glass beyond repair; God has already begun the process of picking up each and every piece. He holds them gently in His hands while He makes them into something new and even more beautiful than when they started.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. Hey Trish,
    I just wanted to let you know that your posts- (I haven’t read them all yet, but have had the chance to read a few after I saw your post on Facebook)- are so inspiring and so wonderfully written. I admire your courage and willingness to be so open about the things you have gone through and how they brought you to where you are today. Based on your strong, positive and cool, confident demeanor, I would have never known that you’ve dealt with so many struggles throughout your life. Reading your posts truly makes me want to try and be stronger and more courageous. It is so true to “always be kind for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” You’re an unbelievably amazing and talented person, and undoubtedly and inspiration to so many! If you ever need anyone to talk to/hang out with/vent- please know that I am here, and thank you so much for sharing this!



    1. Hey Danielle! Thanks so much for the kind words! I’d love to catch up with you anytime! I miss all of you over in my old program! Just remember, you don’t have to be strong and courageous all on your own! It is okay to be weak and insecure. You just need to trust in God to bring you through it. And likewise, I am always here if you need or want to chat. E-mail me and we will do lunch!


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