Great Adventures in Loving Me!

As I’m leaving Six Flags today, I’m laughing at myself because it’s my kids begging to leave and I’m saying, just one more ride!

Of course, right after that ride, it starts to pour. My boys head for shelter, running from building to building. My daughter and I walk right down the middle of the walkway, singing to the music coming from the vendors and splashing in the puddles.

What a sight we must have been in our Harley Quinn tank tops and pigtails, dancing and singing in the rain but, guess what? We were having the time of our lives!

Then we start talking about when we are coming back and I’m thinking in my head about how much fun I have with them but, I just might go all alone so that I can ride what I want and when I want to! And of course I’ll bring the kids again too…its Six Flags after all!

This may all seem silly or even selfish but, I’m so grateful to be in this place!

Two years ago I lived my life for everyone else. I was angry, sad and beyond depressed. I thought I was fat, ugly and unloveable. I stayed home, I kept to myself and I cried myself to sleep every night.

But, now…God has allowed many circumstances in my life to help me grow in self confidence, self love and simple joy. I love every minute with my kids, my friends and all alone with me. I love it so much, I snap constant pictures of myself (and them) to remind me of how great I feel! People must think I’m vain and self righteous but to me I’m just healed. Or at least, I’m healing.

I still have struggles. I still have moments of despair but, I also know I have God. And I have me, the me God made me to be.

Trust me, I’m not bragging, nor do I think I am better than anyone. I just no longer think I am worse. The feeling is amazing so I wanted to share!

So, sing in the rain, dance in the storm, climb to the top of the highest mountain, challenge yourself and fight for your dreams. Do what it is you do and do it with joy! Live in the moment and know that you are worthy, wonderful and loved!

Make your own great adventures! Trust me! It’s totally worth it!

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