About Me

me2I am a mother of 5, raising 4 teenagers and one 5 year old. 2 of my 5 children were inherited after my sister passed away from breast cancer.  One has significant special needs and behavioral problems which has recently led us to placing him into care outside of our home. A devastating blow that you can read about in “Learning to Trust God.”

I am a graduate of Rowan University with a major in Special Education.

I am a special education teacher in a private school where I have been teaching for 15 years. My students have severe and profound developmental disabilities and at the ages of 18-21 cannot care for their own personal needs. Additionally their behavioral outbursts have led them to be expelled from every other school in the state and some from schools in other states. My students are a wonderful addition to my life. They do not judge or hate, although they do hit, kick, scream, bite, throw feces and a bunch of other unimaginable things! And yes, I love every minute of it! Maybe that makes me a little crazy but, I like to think I am doing something good for them.

No, I do not have some super human patience or tolerance. In fact, I cannot work with regular education students because they have no reason to behave the way in which they do and they irritate me beyond belief. No, I am not doing anything that you or anyone else could not do!   I simply have compassion, love, mercy and grace. All of these I have first received from God. Trust me when I say it is all about God!

I have struggled with loss of many kinds and in fact have hurt so deeply it causes me physical pain. However; it is in these times that I have become closest to God and that He has shown me the greatest mercy!

I am not strong, I am not courageous and I am far from worthy! I am however; blessed! I am not blessed with money, exceptional health, beauty or any of the other worldly things we often seek.  Instead I am blessed with grace, love, mercy, and adoration from my wonderful, loving God. He has also given me peace, trust and hope. None of these I came by easily and I expect you wont either. However; I hope that some of my life’s journeys will be an inspiration to you in times of weakness that you might see just how much you are loved and cherished!

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