Just What is a Blessing Anyway?

I remember recently talking about blessings in a Wednesday night class. We came up with many definitions and possible timings. Afterlife, present life and/or a combination of both. I don’t recall a conclusive result to the conversation. Just today, I had my own realization of what a blessing truly is and it was none of the things we talked about. Instead, it was a lesson from God. This particular lesson was about trust.

I’ve been searching for some time for the answer to the question, how does one truly trust God. I believe we all say we trust God, we think we trust God and we even believe we trust God…then why is my stomach in knots everyday? Why am I frantically running around trying to set things straight? Why do I need to make them just right? Why am I frantically running toward a goal I don’t even think I am ever going to reach? Why are we all doing that? The truth is; if we stop running for just a moment, take a deep breath and listen, God is telling us something. Stop running; stand still; turn around; I’m right here! I’ve got it all under control, you don’t need to do anything except listen and obey. Relax; if you are frantic, you are probably not doing anything but wasting your energy!

I have to say, I was a hard sell. It wasn’t until there truly was absolutely nothing I could do and I had verified that with every person and agency that exists that I finally looked to God and there He was; arms wide open! Finally, at 3 in the morning when I had exhausted all other options, When my 14 year old child was missing in downtown Newark and I knew he didn’t have a chance out there; that’s when I gave all my trust to God because I had no other choice! I sat here crying and singing praise songs to God as they came to mind, and finally went to sleep exhausted. Later I found out he slept in an abandoned building where another man was sleeping, there was cross shooting a block away that same night. Today I learned that he had a gun pointed at him when he wandered into gang territory. How could he ever have survived that? It was truly only God! So, although I was forced to trust Him and the circumstances very dire; I wouldn’t change a thing; I finally received the blessing of trust from God. That, is truly what a blessing from God is. It is something we can never find or claim to be our own. It is something that comes from nothing we ourselves have done. It is something Amazing and wonderful that you and others will easily recognize.

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