Meager Beginnings or A Lifetime of Blessings?

About a month after my 8th Christmas, my sister had her third baby. She was in her second marriage but this baby did not belong to her husband. Her husband had beaten her so severely that the baby was born early and died the next day. This also happened to be my brother’s 10th birthday and the day my father chose to leave. After this nothing would be the same. My mother was never the same, my father was never the same and I was never the same. … More Meager Beginnings or A Lifetime of Blessings?

Can I Relate to Job?

What if the story of Job took place today. In the modern day story of Job would any one of us stop and cry out to the Lord? Not just in a brief passing moment but in every moment of every day for days on end? Would a modern day Job tear his or her clothes and put on sack cloth? Would we shave our heads or lie on the ground weeping? Probably not. … More Can I Relate to Job?