I seem to be surrounded by good friends that are hurting and going through painful, difficult times. Approaching holidays often either serve to mask the pain for a while or worsen it deeply.

A running theme seems to be feeling unloved and unworthy. Remember this, Jesus’ most trusted disciples were murderers and thieves. Are you less worthy than that? They denied him, fell asleep praying and almost always got something wrong. Do you feel like they arent worthy?

We are so hard on ourselves yet we forget that God hand crafted us. We are his beautiful creation! Most of us wouldn’t look at a single other person and think, boy God really messed up. He didn’t mess up making us either.

For those of us that have felt many losses and haven’t had many stick by us, we often feel even less worthy. This is just not the case. God often places those He intends to use in the most humble circumstances to bring Him the most glory. He allows us to experience pain so we can be used to help others.

This is the point in the conversation where we ask why does God allow pain and suffering? Does He cause it? Why would He want my best friend to die? Why would He want my child to be sick? Why would He want me to suffer?

I don’t believe God wants any of that to happen but, the fact is there is evil in our world and bad things happen.

Let’s not just accept this at face value though. God is all powerful and always in control. He did allow your circumstances, not just to allow for free will. Nothing in life happens by chance, there is always purpose. We may not always see it but, God did choose to allow our circumstances and our hardships.

Hard to swallow? Maybe, but it also means there is purpose and good in our circumstances. Still don’t believe God chose our suffering? Read Job. Just read the beginning. Job’s suffering wasn’t the result of someone’s sin. It wasn’t an accident or a freak storm. Job wasn’t unworthy. He was well respected, a wise and holy man. God chose suffering for him. Pointed him out to satan to cause suffering and approved each terrible thing that happened to him. The only reason? As I can see, it was so we could talk about it now and have a better understanding of God’s sovereignty. He did however, also use it to teach Job, grow Job in his faith, and bless him even more.

Our pain and suffering wasn’t an accident. It isn’t without purpose. It is always well planned and thought out and in the end, there is always great reward. So maybe God did choose something for you that doesn’t seem to make any sense. That is because His ways are not ours and we can’t comprehend them. Hard to swallow, yes, but fully truth. Knowing this, what is there to worry about? We can’t mess up our future and we can’t change our past. We can’t earn God’s love and we can’t loose it either.

He loves us. He likes us and EVERYTHING about us. He choose us and perfectly made us. He wouldn’t change one thing and He will never let us go without exactly what we need.

Many big hugs and lots of love to my good friends out there. You are not alone. God is on your side and so am I.



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