God Does Give Us More Than We Can Endure!

I went to the throne with a troubled heart, the day was done.

“Have a new day for me, dear Master? I’ve spoiled this one.”

He took my day all soiled and blotted, and gave a new one all unspotted,

and to my tired heart He cried, “Do better now, my child.”

(- author unknown)


I never liked the statement that God doesn’t give us more than we can endure. It is not comforting! I don’t believe it is completely true. I think daily we are given more than WE can endure however; we are never given more than we can endure with the help of God! This is how he keeps our focus on Him and reminds us that we need Him and that He is there and loves us and protects us, even when we are doing it all wrong.

I do think God is willing to go to any lengths for me (and for you). Isaiah 45:2 and 3 …. God says “I will go before you and will level the mountains I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you hidden treasures, which is stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” 

Sometimes we see the problems of the world and think our problems are small in comparison. It’s great to know that no matter how small our problems seem, God cares about every detail. He doesn’t leave us alone in our struggles but uses them to teach us important lessons in life. Isaiah 48:17 ” This is what the LORD says–your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”

God will in fact teach you how to love him and how to trust him if you ask. It is also true that when you ask, you need to be prepared for the methods with which he will teach you! I have learned that God’s most precious blessings do NOT come easily. God places us in the situation that we need Him and can rely only on Him and in that desperation we reach out to Him and receive true blessings. All those other things we hold onto need to get out of the way.

It is so easy to focus on the loss and failure and disappointment that we don’t often see the blessings at the end. Blessings such as deeper faith, trust and love for God! We often want things to be easy and quick but that just isn’t the way our God works because it isn’t the best way to teach us. Isaiah 1:10 “Some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant.”

We have to work cooperatively with the uprooting, tearing down, destroying, and overthrowing before we get to the building up and planting. No matter what circumstance we are currently in; God is right there with us, not just in the physical sense but He even experiences our emotions with us.

Jeremiah 8:21-2

21 I hurt with the hurt of my people.
I mourn and am overcome with grief.
22 Is there no medicine in Gilead?
Is there no physician there?
Why is there no healing
for the wounds of my people?
9 [c]If only my head were a pool of water

and my eyes a fountain of tears,
I would weep day and night
for all my people who have been slaughtered.
2 [d]Oh, that I could go away and forget my people
and live in a travelers’ shack in the desert.
For they are all adulterers—
a pack of treacherous liars.


Wow, God is weeping for us, meager and lowly sinners. Wishing He could walk away and forget because it would be easier than continuing to endure our sinning. Yet He remains faithful and loving to us (although He still provides consequences, trials and tribulations). Even though it may seem like God has forgotten, like He has walked away or maybe like He is just out to get us, the truth is, He truly wants what is best for us.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope.” This can be so hard to remember when we are not constantly in His presence.

I can fully testify that whenever I stay connected to God, all the troubles of my day seem bearable. I don’t stop and pray, I pray all day. I talk to Him about everything that happens and I know He is right there with me.  God loves me and is for me, it does not matter of anyone else is on my side. Life has been hard recently, I’ve been accused, shamed, judged and emotionally destroyed but I’ll never stop praising my God because He will never stop loving and blessing me. In fact, the more that comes my way, the more I will turn to Him. The louder I will praise Him.

Yes, I am weak and have my moments of despair. In fact, I have had a lot of them lately but the moment I turn back to God and begin to sing His praises, I begin to be restored and to feel His strength, His love, His power and His adoration. And in my weakest moments when I can’t return on my own, He sends me wonderful friends to remind me of His sweet love and adoration. He gently takes me back each time and reminds me that He never let go to begin with. Try walking as if He is there with you all day because He is and when you recognize this truly, you are truly blessed!

This is all so easy to say and to write down. To be truthful, I have spent every evening this week crying my eyes out and pouring out my heart. I am trying so hard to stay focused on God right now and to do His will even though I feel completely broken. Broken to a point I wonder how He will ever put the pieces back together. Still, I made a promise to God that I will Praise Him in every situation that I find myself in. I know that He is allowing Satan to hurl everything at me to test my faith and to help me grow. And through it all I will continue to do my very best to praise God and walk in His ways. I will fail at times but I can never give up. I love my God with everything in me and will do my best to do whatever He asks.

Yes, I am angry, I am hurt, I am sad and I am afraid and worst I am so confused. Confused and finding it hard to hold on to hope. Finding it hard to continue to discern and follow His will and not the selfish desires of my heart.

Someone recently told me they thought I could walk on water. This was during a very difficult moment and inside I was shaking. I laughed because I felt like I was drowning. I told him I cannot walk on water but my God can and He can carry me across the farthest ocean if that is where I need to go. I believe this with all my might. It is true for you as well.

My only comfort is in this; I know God will love me and cherish me no matter what I do, even if I make all the wrong choices. Sometimes, I am so afraid of letting God down but, I know that I cannot. He already knows what I will do and choose and He will choose to Love and cherish me anyway! I know it, believe it and hold to it with everything I have! And I love sharing this with others, it often brings the most encouragement to me.

It doesn’t take away the pain, the hurt or the confusion but He does carry me through it. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends for walking with me in the journey, for singing with me and praying with me. Thank you God for helping me grow closer to you! To all of my friends and all who are reading, keep praying and keep praising Him!


I went to the throne with a troubled heart, the day was done.

“Have a new day for me, dear Master? I’ve spoiled this one.”

He took my day all soiled and blotted, and gave a new one all unspotted,

and to my tired heart He cried, “Do better now, my child.”

(- author unknown)




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