Peace at Any Cost?

Always want to keep the peace? Afraid of saying no? Afraid of rejection? That’s me!!! Afraid to be alone? Depressed when you have to do it all yourself? Scared you are making the wrong move? Easier to let someone else make all the decisions? Me again! Meager, weak, worthless? Yes! That is called hu
man! That is me! All these and still proud? Yes! Pride and low self-esteem often go together even though you would not think it. You see, the pride is what makes us have low self-esteem and vice versa.

Here is what you need to know. You ONLY need to please God! You need only to do what is right in HIS eyes! If everyone in the world rejects you, praise the Lord! It probably means you are doing something right! Recognize your weaknesses and rejoice in them because your weakness is where God shows His strength.

If you haven’t heard, God loves you! YOU! He cherishes you and adores you! He made you and when you look down on yourself, you are trashing a creation of God. YOU are His precious and wonderful child! What if someone said those things about your child? How much more does God love us! This is something that is so hard to make real to us but, He is our Father! We are the love of His life! He is there always! He does NOT want us to compromise ourselves or His ways just to keep peace!

Now be careful, I am not saying that we should demoralize or put down any other person. We should not seek conflict and should do our best to resolve things in a peaceful manner. However; in doing this, we need to remain true to our standards, to God’s standards.

Yes, we feel lonely but we are not alone! God is there in our lowest moments and our greatest moments! He is there in all those times we wish someone was there, helping us.

I personally feel most alone when I am cleaning and doing projects around the house “all alone”. I always wish I had someone there for support, just to talk to. But I do! God is there and begging me to talk to Him! My very good friend always tells me about how she prays when she is cleaning! I always thought that was silly or disrespectful in some way but, what a great way to turn a chore into a time of worship! God wants us to be in prayer with Him always! Not just when we sit still for 5 minutes.

For you, this may be completely different times but the point is that
God is there and He will never reject us! We have nothing to fear! We do NOT need to fear being alone or rejected. We never will be!

It is okay to say no to something even if it breaks the peace. It is okay to say no even if it is not morally wrong to say yes! That is unless you are feeling called by God to say yes. The only One we have to say yes to
is God. In fact, we should be careful with our yes and be sure it is reserved solely for the will of God and for what He wants for us! He doesn’t want us to be overwhelmed or scared or in a situation that is not glorifying to Him!

So, say no when you know it’s right and fight if that is what is to be done. Be empowered to know you are worthy in the eyes of God, not by your own doing but by His grace. Feel loved the way you were meant to be. Move forward not backward in your walk with Him. Loose the pride and admit you make mistakes but be okay with making them. Don’t always let
someone else decide so you can blame it all on them which is what you are really doing when you  “keep the peace.” Know God loves you in any and all circumstances and His is the only love we need to live for. Never feel alone because God is always there. Never feel unloved or unworthy because
The grace of God covers us completely and makes us beautiful and flawless in the eyes of God! Start living the life He intended you to live. In doing so, be an encouragement to others and share His grace and love with them. That is what we are called to do! And this is well we truly will find the peace that only God can give! Much greater than any we can find on our own or “keep.”

2 Timothy 1:7  For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (NIV)

Psalm 62:7, “My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.” (NLT)

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6 thoughts on “Peace at Any Cost?

  1. Tricia this is a wonderful post sharing many of my favorite verses. I have always been the peace maker in the family so I totally relate. Thank you for sharing your blog on first blog hop. I shared this on my Facebook page. Blessings Diana Rockwell, co-leader with Tracie Miles

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